Summer's Here!

Summer has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures in the upper 90's and no breeze. It's hot. Some watermelon would be just the ticket to cool down.

I listed these beads in my Etsy shop this week. They were alot of fun to make - using two shades of green wound together to make the "rind." I used Bullseye glass for these since they have such great pink colors and I've got so many more colors of Bulleye than the other types of glass. Hmmmm - that just means I need to buy more of the other types of glass!!

But What KIND of Bird is It?

We've seen this bird and some of his friends at our feeder for a few weeks but we couldn't figure out what kind of bird it was. Slightly larger than a sparrow with Oriole or Meadowlark coloring, but a thicker beak. We finally snapped a picture of him and went page-by-page through our bird book until we found out what he is - a Black-headed Grosbeak. He eats heartily but he's pretty and brings his friends so we'll keep setting the table for him!