New Glass Goodies

I've been a little MIA lately, huh? I've really only been torching with my new glass goodies so nothing mysterious going on. I got some beautiful Gaffer Cane from Gail Joseph of GG Glass and made some beads that demanded to be made into a bracelet last night. Here are the results:

And I also made some Swarovski pearl earrings that I really like. Here they are:

I made several pair of earrings and a few bracelets so I could replenish my booth at the Scappoose Farmer Market tomorrow. There's also a vintage car show in the neighboring park so attendance at the market should be up a bit. Of course, the weather isn't being entirely cooperative - chance of showers - but maybe the rain will hold off until after the Market ends.

In other news from Scappoose, the yellow finches and hummingbirds have discovered the feeders I put out and have been eating me out of house and home. Unfortunately the neighbor's cat has learned that she can lay under the rhododendron and make flying leaps at the birds. I've found the feeders on the ground a few times but no sign of any dead birds so I'm hoping they're faster than that feisty feline. I put some border fencing around the area where she was laying in hopes she'll get frustrated and move on to new hunting grounds.

My cyber-friend Pam, of The Blue Between (blogspot is in my links), was kind enough to send me some new Vetrofond odd lot glass that she got at the Frantz Bash last weekend. I'm off to light the torch and see what this new glass can do!

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