Flowers in Glass

A new tutorial by Lydia Muell helped my encased floral beads enormously. This particular bead took an hour to make and each floral "panel" has 9 layers of glass. There are five panels going around the bead. Time consuming but one of my favorite beads now. I'm anxious to try some with different colors. I used pre-made goldstone stringer on this one and it's a little washed out so I ordered some goldstone chunks to pull my own stringer. That should give me a narrower, but more eye-catching gold outline around the panels.

Speaking of color, CIM glass has a color called Crocus that is drop dead gorgeous. It's almost translucent and it positively glows. Not quite purple and not really pink, but a very soft color that works up beautifully. Here's a shell and spacers made from it (borrowed the shell idea from Maggie (maggieet on Etsy). Isn't it yummy?

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Barrie said...

You've been tagged!!! Check out the details on my blog!! LOVE your crocus shell, btw!! It's gorgeous!!!