My friend Maggie of BeadTowne featured me in her Etsy Treasury on this historic inauguration day. Titled "Change we Can Believe in," Maggie included several members of the newly formed Wet Canvas Street Team, Wetsy, in her Treasury. I'm honored that she chose my Copper Ice bracelet for her Treasury and it's such a delight to share the page with such talented jewelry artists. Thanks Maggie!

Maggie's an incredible lampwork artist and I've admired her beads for years. She makes glass disks, faux beach glass and very realistic-looking chocolates. Her shell beads are a special delight. Definitely worth checking out Maggie's Etsy shop!

Here's a picture of one of her currently listed shell beads:

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Maggie said...

Thanks Angela. Just saw this. Need to figure out how to follow your blog.