Playing with my homemade lightbox

I've been struggling to take decent photos of my jewelry for awhile now and I thought a lightbox might help. Since I'd rather spend that money on glass or jewelry supplies, I decided to try my hand at putting one together with some things I had on hand.

I took some artist canvases and removed the canvas, then covered the frame in white muslin. Some simple fun foam on the bottom provides a nice non-shiny surface and my Ott light gives a nice light so I don't need the flash on the camera. I took these pics with it and think they turned out pretty well. Better than waiting for a sunny day so I could take photos outside! I'm going to add another light source opposite the first one so I can eliminate some shadows too.

Without further ado, I give you a bracelet made with some wonderfully swirly Gaffer glass in blue and a pair of earrings made with pink Gaffer glass and stick pearls.

I also made a pair of earrings to give my friend KP for her birthday. She loves brown tones so I used some of my "magic" glass and reduced it for some swirly color. They show up a bit more reddish in the photo (didn't use my newfangled lightbox!) I added some Swarovski and a sterling flower dangle for a little bling. Hope she likes 'em!

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