Learning New Stuff

I finally got a new digital camera and a portable lightbox! I'm hoping for some improvement in my bead photos - closer, clearer shots. If you ever want to reaffirm that you know next to nothing about technology, get a new camera. I feel like such an amateur! Here's the camera I got:

I love it so far, especially like the ability to manually focus (although it's nice to rely on the macro function when I'm lazy!).

I'm addicted to making a different style of earrings than I usually make. A bit longer and more dangly. They've been popular at the market so I'll keep making them until I burn out or run out of Swaro crystals, whichever comes first. Okay, a small admission: I'd have to make a bajillion pair to even come close to depleting my crystal stash. I'm selling these for $15 a pair at the market.

I went down to Bullseye Glass last Thursday to pick up some of the new oddlot rods. One of the colors is Carnelian and it's really stunning. Here are some beads I made using the Carnelian and another odd lot color, Creme Brulee. The Creme Brulee has beautiful swirls of cream and beige and the Carnelian sets it off so nicely. I think I'll try to sell the beads without making them into a piece of jewelry. There are soooo many jewelry artists on Etsy and I'm hoping they'll get more attention if I list them as a set of beads.

Look for more beads made with the Carnelian. It's quickly become one of my favorites and I want to experiment with it alot more.

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Steph said...

Your beads are gorgeous!